“…the misspelling highlighted the limits of Adèle’s irreproachable conduct.”

Маrie Briffa, Kirill Makarov, Evgeni Dedov 2015

Manifesta 10 Parallel Program, Nieppokorennie gallery, St Petersbourg, Russia>

– A4 print french text with english and russian translation
– Metal frames
– TV screen and video animation
– Wood board and stools

Our work involves an idea of fragment; in a way it constructs images in the contemporary reality. Starting point of this project was space of business center from which exhibition gallery belongs. Here, the visitor becomes a witness of some fragmented observation experience, printed on a sheet of paper and left in the space. Through the process of production of links, which don’t respond to an obvious logic, mental images transform the space, which is constituted of superfluous fragments, making sense only if consciously included in the field of our vision. Thinking and imagination are both required for this. Based on the physical experience of space, different levels of perception of it can emerge. Gradually among some usual everyday aesthetic, come out the image of Adèle. Because of the specificity of the space, image is not sensible, women remains whether guest, whether an astray visitor of office. Text becomes the main source of imagery. Metal items refer to the whole shape of the space, however without belonging to it. Video sequences of teaser anticipate a solid shape, constructing image of desire. The area becomes alive and reveals the necessity of further immersion, however keeping a sense of fragmentation. A conundrum is formed, built into the algorithm of art process. As a sketch, which for a little while lifts the veil of the future landscape of new experience. All reminding us that exhibition does nothing else than reviving and manipulating our collective ghosts.